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Before care

Coming to your appointment prepared is essential. This prevents delays in service and adequate timing to prepare and get you in and out to enjoy your day.



 *Come with a short sleeve shirt or a shirt lose enough to roll up in case the i.v is placed in your arm or for I.M injections

* Drink 1-2 cups of water prior to your appointment if possible to help with i.v placement.

*Eating before your appointment is ok. 

*Hold any vitamins/ supplements not prescribed by your doctor. If  you have any questions please call us


Yoni sTEAMS 

If you are mentruating, pregnany, or have implanted devices with reschdule or contact us as these are contraindicated!

*Wear something that can be easily slip off or up.

* Bring fresh panties or panty liners if you wear undergarments. 

*Be prepared to relax! Bring a book, earbuds, or something to focus on while steaming. 

Skin Care Lotions

Skin Services 

* Come with clean skin free of makeup

*Do not use any strong /correcting cleansers within 24 hours of appointment. if you are unsure please call and ask.

*Do not exfoliate withing 48 hours of appointment.

* Please purchase a a facial mositurizer/sunscreen with atleast a SPF  of 30+ for days following your appointment.


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